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Russia's anti gay law should spark an Olympic boycott.

Russia’s anti gay laws apply to tourists at Olympics!

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Russia's anti gay law should spark an Olympic boycott.

Russia’s anti gay law should spark an Olympic boycott.

Russia‘s anti gay laws apply to tourists at Olympics and quite possibly the athletes as well!

Wow. Just wow. Anti gay laws. So, what is there to make people want to go to Russia to see the Sochi Olympics? I’m not even sure where to start with this one. This is wrong on so many levels and when you have so many people in Russia who not only go along with this, but actively support it and defend it, what will you do when there is no one left to stick up for you? Now Barack Obama said he will not advocate for a boycott of the Sochi Olympics and he does not support one either. So now what happens? Are we supposed to send athletes who could be accused of being gay or lesbian into a country that would throw them in jail? The athletes themselves who are out and went on CNN are not in favor of boycotting the Olympics either. Watch this video from CNN: YouTube Preview Image

The BBC has a great take on this because the reporter who opened this story cites how much Russia is becoming even more intolerant. That intolerance is now spreading to people who look different, speak different or live different. YouTube Preview Image The argument against the gay community is coming mostly from those who see themselves as Christians who support anti gay laws on the basis of Christian morality! (This is where you are supposed to start laughing hysterically.) And no, I’m not trying to bash Christians, but when nearly 56% of all marriages end up in divorce and 60% of those divorces take place in the American Bible belt, I can’t help hearing the word “Hypocrisy” creeping in. However, I live in what is considered a Red State, heavily Republican and I’m pleased that states like Texas are more tolerant and supporting of gay coups than you would think. Watch what happens when John Quiones from ABC sets up a gay family in a local restaurant who are open and out just to see what the reactions of people will be in Farmers Branch Texas. YouTube Preview Image I will tell you that here in Arizona, the people here make me love living in a Red state and I find them much more friendly and tolerable than in the Liberal states I used to live in.

However, I cannot fathom that Jesus would be very tolerant of the intolerance and ignorance shown by those who would claim to be his followers. Not before I go on, I do have a Christian faith myself, but that does not mean that I’m at all pleased with how many fellow Christians are behaving so, well, un Christian like. This law in Russia will actually encourage beatings, gay bashings, punishing gay people as criminals and we don’t even have to ask if there will be discrimination in the work place. You know there will be.

And to be honest, yes, that does bother me a lot because intolerance is not only being tolerated, but it is being encouraged. Russia has already started to turn on it’s own citizens and we all know this is not going to end well. The LGBT community right here in America deserves much better than it gets. there are plenty of Lesbians and gay men serving in our nations armed forces because it was the most honorable thing they could do for the country when you ask them. YouTube Preview Image

I hope any people who are seriously thinking of attending the Olympics in Russia consider boycotting it. I don’t like this idea, but I cannot go along and condone the anti gay laws in Russia. I was hoping to be able to wait a couple of years before I had to explain to my own nephews and nieces what a “Bigot” is. Looks like I don’t have that luxury any longer. Only now I have to add political correctness to the argument too since Russia is now claiming to back off of arresting people and enforcing their own law. TwoMilitaryMen1. CPP.WDC.9June1996

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