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Rand Paul

Has Senator Rand Paul Changed his mind on drones inside the USA?

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Rand Paul

Rand Paul

Senator Rand Paul made a big splash on the Senate floor with his 13 hour filibuster on drone use inside the U.S., reigniting the Libertarian base.

The Libertarian lions following his father, Ron Paul, were elated to see the strong senate floor showing. But one Fox News is supposed to change all that somehow. I’m not buying it. Sure Rand Paul likely lost some supporters after the Fox interview, but you can’t expect a total discussion to take place in a two minute sound bite. What Rand Paul said was that he doesn’t care if a drone or a cop kills a robber coming out of a liquor store with fifty dollars in cash carrying a weapon. If we were about to become one of the victims of the robbers violent actions, I’m sure we wouldn’t care if it was a cop or a drone either. However, there are a lot more cops than there are drones and this is why Senator Rand Paul supports the Second Amendment. We have a right to defend ourselves in no way does Senator Rand Paul want drones pressed into crime fighting services anymore than the rest of us do.

He was simply making a clarification of the possibilities of drone use in an attempt to clarify his position on drones. Let’s cut the guy some slack. We have another bigger fight coming up about the government rapidly building up large stocks of ammunition and I want to hear what Rand Paul has to say on this issue. I’m convinced that Senator Rand Paul did good on the drone issue and the real outrage and shame should go to Senator Lindsey Graham and Arizona Senator john McCain who called Rand Paul and his supporters, which turns out to be a large section of the country, whacko birds.

Bottom line is we can’t get all tied up over a two minute sound bite when this issue runs far deeper than that. In our fast paced world, there are some things that should not move this fast and the reaction from the Fox interview was one of them. Before we feel the need to be so fast to criticize, let’s get in contact with our Senator Rand Paul first and ask him for a clarification. We are supposed to be doing this anyway and this is a good excuse to get back into the habit of making sure our issues are being resolved and our concerns addressed.

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photo by: Gage Skidmore

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