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Public domain. weapons seized on Tohono O'dham  reservation.

Fast and Furious not in Obama’s Mexico ‘blame U.S. guns speech’

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Public domain. weapons seized on Tohono O'dham  reservation.

Public domain. weapons seized on Tohono O’dham reservation.

No mention of Fast and Furious guns from Obama in Mexico.


Barack Obama used a speech in Mexico at the National Anthropology Museum to blame Mexico’s gun violence on weapons from the U.S., but nowhere in his message was any reference to Operation Fast and Furious which brought many of those weapons into Mexico and into the hands of Mexican drug cartels in the first place. Operation Fast And Furious, the gun walking operation organized by the Department of Justice, was supposed to track weapons from the United States into Mexico. As part of Operation Fast and Furious, 1,961 high powered rifles according to Univision, walked across the border right into the hands of Mexican drug cartels right as the violence began an upswing.  The ATF and Department of Justice eventually lost track of most of those weapons as they went right into the hands of those Mexican drug cartels. The operation was supposed to help the authorities track the weapons back to the high profile cartel leaders of drug cartels that would then take possession of them.
In Mexico, the timing of Operation Fast and Furious blended right in to the violence between rival drug cartels and smuggling operations in the Mexican drug war between competing drug cartels.


Jose wall, an ATF agent stationed in Tijuana, told Univision News “Many weapons cross the border and enter Mexico, but that number (from Fast and Furious), quantity and type of weapons had quite an impact in the war in this area.” After the death of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry from Mexican criminals on December 14th 2010, Congressional hearings finally took place that garnered the attention of some media and on September 20th, the U.S. Office of the Inspector General opened the door for sanctions on 14 ATF and DOJ officials. The Fast and Furious became politicized back in Washington as Congressional investigations got underway and Attorney General, Eric Holder pleaded with the White House for protection. The White House responded with an Executive Privilege order and effectively diverted the attention from the human life cost in Mexico to the cost of Political Capital. In June, the Congressional investigation led by Darrell Issa, made an attempt to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in Contempt, which resulted in the first ever in the citation of a sitting Cabinet member, Attorney General Eric holder. The White House Executive Privilege, according to many people resulted in obscuring the real tragedy of drug cartels and lost lives in Mexico.

Similar failed strategies were also tried in other states such as Texas, New Mexico and California. By August of 2011, some 57 weapons given to Mexican Drug Cartels made their way back to Phoenix, Arizona resulting in Robbery, Homicide and Capital murder crimes. Conflicting figures coming out about the numbers and types of weapons are not clear because of the efforts from the Democratic party to stonewall any efforts into finding out who was responsible for running guns into Mexico and into the hands of Mexican drug cartels.

The real tragedy is not only the loss of Brian Terry and Jaime Zapato, but countless hundreds of Mexicans who have been killed with those weapons. It has been reported that some 300 or more adults in Mexico, at the hands of drug cartels, lost their lives. On January 20th 2010, according to Univision, a group of at least 20 hit men, likely from drug cartels, broke into a home in Ciudad Juarez, where some 60 or so teenagers were holding a birthday party that included high school and College graduates. The men opened fire into the crowded house and killed 14 young men and women while 12 others were injured. Those who ran out screaming were gunned down by the rest of the hit men waiting outside. The United states department of justice played a role by supplying some of the firearms used by the cartel murders.




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