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Facing tough media questions on IRS scandal a royal pain.

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Time magazine cover of Richard Nixon.

Time magazine cover of Richard Nixon.


English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the University of Southern California (Video of the speech) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Facing tough media questions on IRS target of conservatives, Obama again knows nothing.

Really? In what was promised as the most open and honest Administration, at least that’s what we were promised, we are once again told Obama knows nothing about this. Despite some high profile complaints about the IRS being used to target those on the presidents enemies list, one has to wonder how the same Administration who seized the phone bank records of the Associated Press ‘looking for a leak’ fail to realize what was going on right under their noses. Especially when you consider the timing of the events, it’s all just a bit too convenient. The scandal of the IRS targeting Tea Party and Conservatives came in really handy for the two years preceding the November 2012 election. The Tea Party made some serious inroads before 2010 when it came to educating voters, getting out the vote and bring in an entirely new crew of legislators into congress. It’s hard to imagine the White House would not have a clue as to how this happened and what could be done with Chicago style politics to put a stop to it guaranteeing another term and a solidification of Democrats control of the power.

It has been happening for years and nothing was done with regard to the claims of certain groups being singled out by the White House and the Obama regime. There have been so many complaints in the news,but mostly at Fox since other media outlets have been carrying the Obama Administrations water and refusing to report on anything that would embarrass the Administration, including facts. Media Matters for America came to the defense of the Government seizing phone records of the AP, in fact, the Huffington Post even called them out on it. Jason Linkins of the Huffington Post writes: Right so, Media Matters mostly stands “with those news organizations and

share their concerns,” except for the people from their “Message

Matters” program, who are sort of on the fence, because what’s important

in this instance is winning “public debates with conservatives.”  The answer From Media Matters for America was to deflect the blame to ‘Message Matters’ and when you go to that website it clearly says at the top of the page ‘Media Matters Action Network‘ where David Brock chairs both boards of Media Matters. It looks like having friends in the White House means you need to change the diapers once in awhile or the IRS might start investigating your tax exempt status like it did to the tea Party.

In the meantime while the Hypocrisy of Media Matters makes them even more irrelevant where truth is concerned, more facts are coming out about the number of groups who were ‘targeted for termination’ as I call it because we surely can’t have any conservative groups out there making voters more informed when Democrats have an election to win. Nothing that came out of the White House did anything to allay the distrust of Government that has now achieved a formal status. It used to be conspiracy theorists who used to have to eat dinner out of sight in the pantry are now welcome at the dinner table in black tie with the rest of us. And for good reason, there are many welcoming the conspiracy theorists as being far more credible because they have been warning us for years Barack Obama was going to go all Richard Nixon on us. And let’s not forget, this is an attempted distraction from the Benghazi scandal which is gaining traction because of the rewrites of the intelligence reports that required 12 edits before it was fit to send to U.N Ambassador Susan Rice for her talking points on the Sunday talk show circuit.

Barack Obama in an attempt to save face after he reiterated how “unacceptable” the agency’s action were and and he was determined to fix it as soon as he found out about it. Shortly after Barack Obama’s announcement, an official close to Miller, told Fox News, Miller, the temporary head of the IRS, was set to resign the position in June anyway and regardless of the scandal he would have left the IRS entirely in a couple of months. Michelle Bachmann, R-Minnesota, said that it appeared like Miller made the “perfect scapegoat” for the administration to throw under the bus. Meanwhile there seems to be no shortage of hysteria that Republicans killed the bill called the Free Flow of Information Act of 2007 even though it passed the Republican controlled House of Representatives on bipartisan support, it died in largely in the Democratically controlled Senate. While it’s true that Darrel Issa, R-California, voted no on the bill, it still passed on bipartisan support on a vote of 398/21. What is not mentioned about this bill is Barack Obama supported it in 2007, although he missed that vote, he opposed it’s passage in 2010.

One questions remains to be answered and that is: Why is it Progressives can get away with anything? On the Sean Hannity show, his guests including Talk show host Bill Cunningham, claimed that Barack Obama stole the November 2012 election because the IRS kept the Tea Party conservatives so busty filling out forms, they had no time or money to get out into the community to educate and involve voters. These latest breaking scandals are giving these conspiracies new traction and this time the facts coming out are backing them up regardless of how hard the Administration spin wants to direct the narrative another direction. As always, feel free to comment on this story below. If Disqus isn’t loaded yet, please come back as these things take awhile to propagate if you get to a “Not Found” page here at The Buell Review.

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