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Bigots attack LGBTQ youth transitional living facility program!

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English: Variation of the United States (USA) ...

English: Variation of the United States (USA) flag, with LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) pride colors. This version uses the standard US flag dimensons, an alternate version exists with a shorter width. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bigots attack LGBTQ transitional living facility program as Fed vows to spend $900,000 for homeless youth shelters to give Gay and Lesbian teens places to live after being thrown out by their parents!

Bigots. Just when you think you have seen everything, CNS News Service has people on the right calling themselves Christians are on the Disqus comment section now saying the most hateful things imaginable and feeling the moral high ground doing it. The highlighted links on CNS News Service will take you to the page where you can see it for yourself! I’m not really sure what makes these people tick, but I’ve volunteered my services to these shelters serving Lesbian and Gay youth and how it is so easy to propagate this level of hate is beyond me. Most of the Gay kids I dealt with were homeless because their parents threw them out of the house for being gay and being honest about who they are to their families. I’ve never liked the term Bigots, but it sure seems to apply more than ever these days.

The comments on the CNS News Service page are enough to make you sick and it finally puts to rest the fact that there is an animus toward the Gay and Lesbian community from the so called Christian right, but fortunately it doesn’t include all of them. Hopefully there are some sane people there who will not let the moral repugnant behavior of a few speak for all of them, but it’s clear this is Bigotry at it’s worst and if it continues unchallenged, we are a Nation in serious trouble. I thought my 4th of July would be different than this and it’s never to late to let these idiots know that there are Military Service Members who are Gay and Lesbian that are fighting for their rights to say really stupid things! I’m including a video tribute to Gay and Lesbian service men and women here: YouTube Preview Image

I will continue to stand up for the LGBT community whenever I see hatred of others being pushed as the new normal, it isn’t. If we allow this to remain unchallenged, then which one of us is next? where does this end? Did no one who is angry about this on the right ever stop to think and use their brains long enough to consider these youth would be here if the parents had actually stood up and taken responsibility for raising their kids, feeding them, loving them and educating them to be productive members of society gay or not??? Now the public has to pick up after those slobs and to hear these so called Christians complaining about a program that helps keep these kids off the street and becoming victims of predators and violence, drug and alcohol abuse, having no family to call their own anymore and hopefully make somethings positive out of their lives? I had to open my own eyes when I treated a young man who’s parents tried to beat the gay out of him and gave him some broken bones in the process.

The comment section of CNS News service says a lot more about them than it does anyone else! I’m just stunned, totally stunned at this level ignorance. How many of these people have no clue that the parents of these kids who were thrown away for being gay were supposed Christians in the first place? And yet they can complain and whine about another program to help these kids while taking no responsibility themselves for their own actions, but yell the loudest about personal responsibility! This is also what hypocrisy looks like. Let’s look at he Merriam Webster’s dictionary for the meaning of Bigot or Bigots: a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance! Now tell us again why and how this does not apply to yourselves and there is no animus involved? Maybe a trip to the No Hate Campaign would be a better vacation instead!

I hope you all go to the CNS News service website and have a look for your self. Surely, this is what hate looks like. I guess hypocrisy is the greatest luxury when you can find someone else to hate and blame. Not one mention of the parents who disowned their own children for being gay in the first place. Good Job Guys!!!! I will not walk away from my own moral compass!

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